Do I Need Fat Injections - Do I Need Fat Injections?

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Fat injections, also referred to as fat grafting, can help to reduce the appearance of acne scars, indentations, and laugh lines on your face. They can also combat sunken cheeks and provide volume to your face.

Many patients even choose fat injections to minimize hand wrinkles and cover up visible blood vessels, plump up the lips, and even combine fat injections with implants for the buttocks or breasts in order to fill in minor irregularities. Overall, fat injections can help your skin to look smoother and more youthful.

To perform a fat injection, fat is first extracted from other areas of your body, such as your buttocks or thighs. The fat cells are then sterilized and prepared for injection.

Fat Injections vs. Fillers

There are many brand name dermal fillers that seek to achieve the same thing as fat injections. There are pros and cons to using each. For example, fat injections take time to prepare when compared to dermal fillers, which are already packaged and ready to use. However, fat injections last longer and do not carry the risk of an allergic reaction to the substances used in fillers. The fat is taken from your own body, so it is not a foreign substance. It can even provide more natural results.

What to Expect

Fat injections are not for you if you have circulation problems. But if you are in good health and have a realistic expectation of the look you want and how it can be achieved, fat injections might a great choice.

You will notice immediate results following your injection. The area might be puffy at first, but this swelling will go down after a few days. You should avoid sun exposure while waiting for the swelling to dissipate. No downtime is needed following fat injections.

Seeing an experienced professional for fat injections makes all the difference. When injected properly, fat can establish a new blood supply so that it will stay. At this point, only touch-ups are needed. Seeing an inexperienced medical professional may result in the fat being reabsorbed in the body.