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The recent FDA approval of a new kind of silicone gel breast implant for breast augmentation procedures has everyone buzzing. The new Allergan form stable implants are made from a highly cohesive silicone gel that have been dubbed “gummy bear implants” due to their texture. What makes these gummy bear implants different from other silicone gel implant designs?
The Form Stable Difference

There are many benefits for surgeons and patients who use gummy bear implants. First, the highly cohesive silicone gel stays in place even if the implant shell is damaged or ruptured, preventing any leaks. Additionally, the feel of these implants is designed to be even closer to natural breast tissue. As for appearance, the nature of these implants makes them particularly suitable for reconstructive surgery, as the implants look very much like natural breasts even in women without much existing breast tissue.

On the downside, the firmness of the implants means that slightly larger incisions must be used. The implants are anatomically shaped, so any displacement or rotation that occurs after surgery may require a revision surgery to improve overall appearance.

These implants only recently received FDA approval, and as part of the approval, long-term studies will continue. However, current data show no higher risk when using form stable implants for breast augmentation as compared to other types of implants. It should also be mentioned that gummy bear implants have been in use in Europe and South America for quite some time already.
Choosing Your Implants

So, is this new implant option the right choice for you? It’s worth having a conversation with your plastic surgeon about all your implant options, including the new gummy bear implants, before making a decision. Ultimately, the results of your breast augmentation will depend a great deal on the skill of your surgeon in addition to your implant selection.