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Stem cells are base or undifferentiated human cells that can divide at a later time and become any type of tissue. They replicate through mitosis and differentiate into specialized roles in the body. In adults, stem cells act as a repair system for the body. Adult stem cells have been used successfully for many years in well-recognized medical therapies such as bone marrow transplants.

Types of Stem Cells That Are Used in Cosmetic Surgery

Only adult stem cells are used in cosmetic surgery. The omnipotent stem cells can be transplanted from one person into another and used to regrow damaged tissue. These stem cells are also called somatic cells because they are used to repair tissue throughout the human body. Some adult stem cells can only replicate to make more of the same type, such as skin cells. These cells are useful in applications such as cosmetic surgery because they have rapid self-renewal capabilities.

The Sources of Stem Cells Used in Cosmetic Surgery

The stem cells used in cosmetic surgery often come from the same person who is having cosmetic surgery. This is called auto-grafting. It is much like donating blood to yourself before having heart surgery. In other cases, the adult stem cells come from healthy screened donors. Sometimes, the stem cells come from people who have chosen to become organ and stem cell donors. The cells are always tested for safety and are treated to make sure that they are free of bacteria and viruses.

In Which Types of Cosmetic Surgery Can Stem Cells Be Used?

There are many functional and cosmetic surgery applications that use adult stem cells. Medical scientists are working on using stem cells to grow new adult teeth, which cosmetic dentists would use in place of an implant. Stem cells are widely used for the treatment of baldness reversal. Men and women who have unwanted hair loss can visit a cosmetic surgeon and have stem cells transplanted to the places on their bodies where they want to regrow hair. This can be done for male pattern baldness, alopecia areata, and baldness caused by cancer and radiation treatments. Stem cells are also used by cosmetic surgeons to repair scarred or burned areas of the skin, especially on the face.