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Many women are choosing to have a mommy makeover after they are finished having children. Pregnancy and childbirth takes a toll on a female’s body, and women feel uncomfortable about their bulging tummies and sagging breasts. Rather than undergoing only one cosmetic procedure at a time, women request multiple surgeries at once to repair several problem areas.

Tummy Tucks Included in Mommy Makeovers

A mommy makeover procedure can vary slightly for each woman, but it usually includes an abdominoplasty and breast augmentation. An abdominoplasty is the medical word for a tummy tuck, and this procedure is designed for removing excess fat along with tightening the skin on the abdomen. Some women require a partial abdominoplasty because their stomach is still in good condition with only a slight amount of flabbiness. Other women require a complete abdominoplasty because the skin on their abdomen is flabbier. A complete abdominoplasty requires more incisions along with a longer recovery time, and a cosmetic surgeon may also suggest liposuction to remove additional fat. A cosmetic surgeon can help a woman decide on the best type of abdominoplasty procedure for her body.

A Mommy Makeover Includes Breast Augmentation Surgery

When women are pregnant, their breasts become enlarged and often saggy, and this condition continues throughout the breast-feeding process. After a woman has stopped nursing an infant and no longer wants to have any more children, she can have her breasts augmented. There are several types of breast augmentation, including:

• Mastopexy – a breast lift that requires removal of excess skin and fat
• Reduction mammaplasty – surgery to reduce the overall size of each breast
• Enlargement – inserting saline or silicone implants under the existing breast tissue

A cosmetic surgeon will examine a woman in order to offer advice concerning the best type of breast augmentation for her body. This type of breast surgery requires incisions that vary from a tiny cut in the navel to insert the implants to multiple long incisions on or underneath the breasts.

What Mommy Makeovers Entail

All types of mommy makeover procedures require sedation anesthesia during the surgery and pain medication afterward. The recovery time from a mommy makeover varies based on the types of procedures chosen along with how each woman heals.