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If the shape or position of your ears is defective or disturbing to you in terms of how it affects your appearance, it’s good to know that there are ear surgery options available to correct these issues. The technical term for cosmetic ear surgery is otoplasty.

Surgery for Protruding Ears

Ears that protrude are probably one of the most common situations that bring patients to seek out plastic surgery options. Those who have protruding ears often go through childhood and adolescence enduring name-calling and may suffer from lowered self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence.

There is no longer a reason to be burdened with ears that protrude if your appearance bothers you to a great degree. Once ears have grown to full size at around age 5 or 6 years, children or adults can have ear surgery to correct protruding ears. This type of otoplasty is often referred to as ear pinning. The surgeon will make a small incision behind each ear (or just one ear if only one is affected), removing some cartilage and skin. He or she will then pin the remaining cartilage back permanently with sutures so the ears sit more closely to the head. Hearing will not be affected, but self-confidence most certainly will improve after this type of otoplasty.

Ear Reduction Surgery

Some people have ears that appear too large for their heads. Others may simply have ears that are not shaped correctly and they desire a more natural look. One ear may sit higher on the head than the other one, creating an appearance that looks unbalanced. With ear reduction surgery, patients’ ears are re-sculpted. This can involve making the ear lobes shorter or repositioning where the ears sit. Balance and symmetry are given to the ears and face for a more natural and improved appearance.

Who Should Consider Otoplasty?

If you were born with ears that are too large or too small for your head, surgery is an option to correct this imbalance. The same is true if your ears stick out too much or if you’ve been in an accident that has changed the shape or position of your ears, such as a torn ear lobe or a deformity due to a dog bite.